Texas Children’s Hospital Doctor Breaks Law – Gives Minors Cross-Sex Hormones

Texas Children's Hospital Daily Report June 22,2024

Richard Ogden Roberts, III is a pediatric endocrinologist at Texas Children’s Hospital who has been criticized for the provision of puberty blocking and cross-sex hormone medications to children with gender dysphoria. He was also a plaintiff in another lawsuit attempting to stop a Texas ban on child sex changes, siding with transgender activist groups.

More recently, a new whistleblower has accused Roberts of aiding and abetting the hospital for “illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures.” That has drawn scrutiny from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Roberts has promoted child sex changes as “life saving and medically necessary” and openly admits to deceptively using preferred names of “gender diverse” children and preferred “designations and pronouns” in defiance not only of social convention, but parents too. “I will often ask patients by themselves if there’s a name that they use privately and that they would like me to use around them, and if they are comfortable with me using that name and their pronouns with parents,” the pediatric doctor shared.

Among others, Roberts worked with GLMA: Health Professionals Advhelpedore LGBTQ+ Equality and PFLAG on the case against Texas’ prohibition. Roberts wants to join GLMA, which backs child sex change operations and records state laws applying to transgender children. PFLAG Encourages Children in Gender Trans Ideology and “Transgender Reading List for Children”

The group is supported by pharmaceutical companies including Abbvie, Bayer, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Teva US Specialty Medicines and Eli Lilly-all makers of medications involved in gender transitions. Pharmaceutical interests also contribute directly to activist organizations, such as the Transgender Law Center and Lambda Legal, which represents Roberts and other plaintiffs in the case.

Do No Harm Parent Advocate, January Littlejohn, added that they took the little open finances for a leftist massage target when she realized how financially connected transgender activist organizations were to pharma — “These costly medical interventions are meant to be lifelong cash cows for Big Pharma. Given that they stand to profit enormously from those partnerships, it is hardly surprising, after all — the enemy of my mental health issue is me.

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