Suspect Arrested For Burglary Of San Francisco Police Station

Daily Report February 06,2024

Police officers at the San Francisco Police Department (SFFD) confirmed the arrest of a suspected burglar who allegedly broke into the police station on Thursday. The SFFD reports that officers spotted the burglar in a secure area at the station before the break of dawn.

The suspect, identified as Vasili-Hadjitoffi, did not have permission or authority to be inside the police department building. In addition, the police said he stole department-issued property. However, the identity and worth of the property stolen was not disclosed.

Daily Caller reports that when the officers tried to detain him, the suspect allegedly resisted, leading to a brief struggle before he was eventually detained. He was booked on a second-degree burglary charge and for resisting/delaying arrest.

According to reports, the incident comes just a few months after someone broke into Alameda District Attorney Pamela Price’s car. The incident occurred outside the Alameda County Family Justice Center while Price was attending an event. When she returned, the windows of the vehicle had been smashed, and several items, including her work laptop, were missing.

After waiting for the police to arrive on the scene of the incident, Price was reportedly instructed to report the crime online using the California city’s police department website.

A report from The Oakland Police Department (OPD) confirmed that several individuals were involved in the burglary, breaking into the vehicle, stealing various items, and then fleeing the scene. According to multiple reports, Oakland tops the chart in auto thefts with 5,041 vehicles stolen in 2019 alone.

The New York Post reports that the steady rise in vehicle break-ins in Oakland has led many motorists who park their cars downtown to leave their windows rolled down to signal the absence of valuables.

The news outlet also reports that a residents group called Save Alameda County for Everyone (SAFE) launched a campaign to remove Price from her post, with claims that the crime has gotten worse under her leadership.

“We know that recalling a public official is a long and arduous process necessitating a large and sustained grassroots effort,” the organization stated on its website. “However, we are resolved to remove Price from office because our safety and that of our families is at stake,” the organization stated on its website.”

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