Smugglers Find Ingenious Way To Beat Biden’s Weak Border

Daily Report July 26,2023

As President Joe Biden’s administration continues to weaken the border with its weak policy, human smugglers are coming up with ingenious methods to beat border patrol agents.

According to The Daily Wire, smugglers were caught using a fake  U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) truck to sneak migrants into the country. The truck was painted in the colors of the CBP vehicles and had fake Department of Homeland Security license plates.

The truck, which was carrying 17 migrants, was first spotted by Mexican authorities on July 22 in Mexico close to the California border. According to the New York Post, Mexican immigration officials noticed something odd about the truck when it tried to cross the border on Saturday.

David Pérez Tejada, Mexico’s National Migration Institute delegate, said the smugglers tricked the migrants into thinking their operation was legitimate.

Tejada said the migrants were likely told: “Hop on, we already have an agreement. This is a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle. With this, they won’t ask you anything before you cross the border.”

United States authorities confiscated the truck and the immigrants were transferred to police headquarters in Tijuana. The smugglers were also arrested as soon as authorities discovered the truck.

Smugglers have employed similar tactics under the Biden administration. Homeland Security and Border Patrol agents stopped a similar scheme in 2021. The agents came across a fake CBP vehicle near the Tucson border. The vehicle was carrying ten migrants.

Smugglers have also employed other methods of beating border agents as Biden’s policies continue to weaken the U.S. border.

Border officials in El Paso reported last month that smugglers were apprehended trying to bring 26 migrants into El Paso using fake FedEx vehicles. The smugglers painted the vehicles to look like typical white FedEx vans.

Another smuggling incident involved an 18-wheeler disguised as a legally registered truck. The truck arrived in San Antonio with its 53 occupants after making it past a Texas border checkpoint.

However, the driver was forced to abandon the truck after it developed mechanical problems. All 53 occupants were found dead after suffocating in the truck.


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