Senator Mitt Romney Speaks Out Against 2024 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Mitt Romney Daily Report June 20,2024

Former President Donald Trump‘s visit with Republicans on Capitol Hill last week had no effect on Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT)’s stance.

Sen. Romney, 77, had initially planned to miss the Republican nominee’s DC meeting, but decided to change his plans after his flight was canceled.

Regarding the meeting, Sen. Romney had this to say: “I did not go out there to be in support of ex-President Trump. If he were to become president I went there to hear what he intended to be doing as president.”

“With President Trump, it’s a matter of personal character. I draw a line and say when someone has been actually found to have been sexually assaulting, that’s something I just won’t cross over in the person I would want to have as president of the United States,” he goes on to say.

In this statement, Romney is alluding to the sexual abuse and defamation allegations against Trump brought to light last May. Despite his pleas of innocence, former President Trump was forced to pay $88.3 million from the two defamation verdicts.

Romney, the GOP presidential nominee before Trump, has been a critic of the real estate magnate as of late. In fact, he was the lone Republican senator voting to convict Trump in his first impeachment trial, and supported holding the 45th president accountable in his second outsized February conviction trial that came after the January 6th Capitol Riot.

Romney and his wife have been open about their decision to not vote for him this coming November, should he be on the ballot.

Former President Trump has been open in his support for Romney in the past. He was endorsed by the former president during his run for Senate back in 2018.

Romney announced last summer he would not run for re-election, saying it was time for a new generation.

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