Sen. Dianne Feinstein Dead AT 90 

Daily Report September 30,2023

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) passed away on Friday following recent reports of the former lawmaker’s failing health.

Feinstein’s office announced the sad news in a social media post on X, describing the former lawmaker as a force of nature who made an incredible impact on the country and her home state.

“Sadly, Senator Feinstein passed away last night at her home in Washington, D.C.,” her office wrote in a statement Friday morning. “Her passing is a great loss for so many, from those who loved and cared for her to the people of California that she dedicated her life to serving.”

The statement described Feinstein as a senator, Chairman, mayor, wife, mom and grandmother, adding that only a few women had those qualifications.

“She left a legacy that is undeniable and extraordinary,” the statement reads. “There is much to say about who she was and what she did, but for now, we are going to grieve the passing of our beloved boss, mentor and friend.”

Feinstein suffered several health scares in the weeks and months leading to her death. Political Intel previously reported that the 90-year-old suffered an outbreak of shingles in March. The virus, spreading to her face and neck areas, caused her vision and balance impairments as well as facial paralysis. The virus left her out of the Senate for several weeks and unable to perform her duties.

Feinstein later returned to the Senate in May but the virus had caused significant harm to her physical appearance. The left side of Feinstein’s face was frozen with one eye nearly shut. Political Intel also reported that the 90-year-old seemed disoriented as her aide wheeled her around in her wheelchair and she was heard complaining about something stuck in her eye.


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