See Dershowitz’s Advice For Donors Of Elite Schools Supporting Antisemitism

Daily Report October 15,2023

With support for Hamas and anti-Israel rhetoric spreading in elite U.S. universities following last week’s attack on the Jewish nation, Harvard Law Professor and Newsmax Legal Analyst Alan Dershowitz has proposed a measure that could curb antisemitism in those schools.

Dershowitz, on Friday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “The Record,” encouraged donors to stop contributing to those schools unless they do a reckoning with their antisemitism and tolerance of double standard antisemitism.

“I think a reckoning is now required by universities, and they should stop making them into propaganda mills where everything is based on intersectionality, everything is based on colonialism, on how Jews are the villains of the world,” Dershowitz said. “It’s gone much too far. And I have to tell you now, many donors are stopping contributing to these elite universities, and I encourage them to stop contributing to these elite universities unless they do a reckoning, not only with their past and historical antisemitism but with their current antisemitism, tolerance of the kind of double standard antisemitism.”

The law professor urged Havard and other elite universities to condemn antisemites on their campuses. He also urged those schools to treat antisemites on their campuses the same way they would treat them if they were racist or homophobic.

“I have one rule for Harvard and anywhere else,” Dershowitz continued. “Treat these people as if they supported the burning of a black church in which young kids — young black kids were murdered, treat them as if they supported shooting up a gay bar, treat them the same way, because that’s what these kids are supporting. These are lynchings. 1,300 Israelis — Jewish Israelis were lynched. And would you imagine any university supporting lynching? Well, you don’t have to imagine it.”

Dershowitz previously wrote an opinion piece urging elite universities to oust Hamas supporters and antisemite students and faculty members in their schools. The law professor urged the schools to publish the names of those individuals and not to allow them to hide behind campus organizations.

“Let the student newspapers, many of which are rabidly anti-Israel, publish the names of all students and faculty members who belong to groups that support and oppose Hamas,” Dershowitz said. “… So let the names be published. Let the despicable students and faculty members who support Hamas stand up and defend their indefensible views, and let the marketplace of ideas decide who is right and who is wrong.”


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