Schiff Escapes Censure Over Russian Collusion Lies 

Daily Report June 15,2023

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) escaped a censure that would see him pay a hefty fine for his lies and misinformation on the alleged Russian collusion between Russia and former President Donald Trump.

The GOP-led House voted against formally rebuking the California lawmaker, with 20 Republican lawmakers voting with a majority of Democrats to hand out a victory to Schiff. The House voted 225-196 in favor of tabling (voting against) the resolution to censure and condemn Schiff.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) brought the resolution to hold Schiff accountable for misusing his power and telling falsehoods about the Russia collusion investigation.

According to The Daily Wire, House Republicans who voted against the resolution had concerns over the $16 million fine Schiff would be required to pay if they voted to censure the Democrat.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) noted that while Schiff acted unethically during the Russian collusion investigation and the first Trump impeachment hearing, he would not support the fine.

“Adam Schiff acted unethically but if a resolution to fine him $16 million comes to the floor, I will vote to table it. ,” Massie wrote on Twitter. “… A $16 million fine is a violation of the 27th and 8th amendments.”

In another separate tweet, Massie said it would be “shortsighted” to allow a majority of Congress to take $16 million from any of its members.

“Can we not imagine a time when this precedent would be used against conservatives?” Massie added.

Schiff, who had already been kicked off a prominent House committee for his lies, took to Twitter to gloat over the House vote.

“Today’s partisan and failed attempt to censure me is a badge of honor that I will wear proudly,” Schiff said. “MAGA Republicans are going after me because I dared to hold

Donald Trump accountable. These efforts to intimidate me will not succeed. I will always defend our democracy.”

Rep. Luna has, however, vowed to bring an amended version of the resolution back to file a new measure to censure Schiff and send it to the House Ethics Committee.

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