Rubio Suggests Heavy Punishment For Hamas Supporters In US

Daily Report October 18,2023

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) suggested harsh punishment for foreigners in the U.S. who support Hamas.

Following Hamas’ brutal and deadly attack on Israel, pro-Hamas supporters held demonstrations. Students in elite universities also signed on to letters stating their support for the terrorist group.

Rubio, while speaking on Fox News on Tuesday, suggested that the U.S. government should cancel the Visas of Hamas supporters, citing anti-terrorism laws.

“The law says if you are a supporter of a terrorist organization you shouldn’t even have a visa,” Rubio told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “So now, once you get that visa, if you identify yourself as a Hamas supporter, then you should have your visa canceled and you should be removed from the country.”

Citing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice’s successful efforts to identify participants in the January 6 protest, the Florida lawmaker argued that fishing out those foreigners should be easy for the FBI.

“They were able to go and get all these people to take video and find out who all the people were that went in on January 6th to the Capitol,” Rubio said. “They spent a lot of resources identifying those people. I think if they wanted to, they could go through the roster of these organizations, the people that sign those letters, the people that were out there protesting. To me, it’s very simple. If you are in this country on a student visa, a professor to teach journalist visa, you’re a visitor, and you come out and say I support Hamas, I support the slaughter of babies, you should be out of here and your visa should be yanked.”

Rubio’s suggestion came after Harvard Law Professor and Newsmax Legal Analyst Alan Dershowitz urged donors to stop funding elite U.S. universities unless they curb antisemitism in their schools.

“I think a reckoning is now required by universities, and they should stop making them into propaganda mills where everything is based on intersectionality, everything is based on colonialism, on how Jews are the villains of the world,” Dershowitz said. “It’s gone much too far. And I have to tell you now, many donors are stopping contributing to these elite universities, and I encourage them to stop contributing to these elite universities unless they do a reckoning, not only with their past and historical antisemitism but with their current antisemitism, tolerance of the kind of double standard antisemitism.”


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