Rep. Nancy Mace Question Timing Of Trump Indictments 

Daily Report June 12,2023

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has joined the growing number of people suspicious of the political nature of former President Donald Trump’s indictment. The lawmaker is questioning the timing of the two indictments on the former president.

According to The Washington Examiner, Mace noted that the federal indictment against Trump was announced just as the House Oversight Committee received evidence of a bribery scandal involving President Joe Biden.

“No[one] has made the connection yet, but when we got access to the suspicious activity reports, the day we got access to the SARs reports, Alvin Bragg indicted Trump in New York. The day that we got access to this 1023 form showing bribery between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Ukraine, they indict Donald Trump again,” Mace said on Fox News.

Mace added that every time the House Oversight Committee members get their hands on corruption, bribery and money laundering evidence against President Biden, Trump gets indicted.

Mace is not the only one raising questions about the indictment’s timing. Trump also believes that his 37-count federal indictment was brought as a “distraction” from bribery allegations against President Biden and his son Hunter.

According to the Examiner, Trump made the comments on Sunday while speaking on an episode of longtime ally Roger Stone’s new AM radio program.

“It was done for political reasons, but it was also done, I guess, to cover up the kind of a massive crime that’s now being revealed by the Republicans in the House,” Trump said of his indictment on Sunday. “It’s a distraction. The indictment is a disgrace… And it was put out at a time when they found horrible things about the Biden family.”

During the Saturday North Carolina Republican Party Convention, Trump told his supporters that it was not a coincidence that the DOJ indicted him on the same day reports came out that the FBI had evidence of President Biden’s corruption.

Trump has maintained his innocence since news of the indictment broke. He has also vowed to continue the race for the White House even if he is indicted.

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