Rep. Moore Says ATF Rule Turned Millions Into Felons

Daily Report June 14,2023

Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) claimed that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) ban on pistol braces has turned millions of Americans into felons. Moore made the rule while speaking on the House floor on Tuesday.

According to Moore, the new rule —which came into effect on May 31— turned over 29 million Americans into felons. The ATF’s new rule created reclassified pistols as short-barrel rifles if they have a stabilizing brace attachment.

“On May 31st at midnight, 29 million Americans became instant felons thanks to Biden’s weaponization of the ATF,” Moore said.

Moore added that many disabled veterans and Americans need those braces to use their firearms properly.

“Under this new rule, which several courts have already declared unconstitutional, lawful gun owners could face up to 10 years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines If they fail to register pistols with stabilizing braces,” Moore said. “This is a blatant assault on our Second Amendment rights that makes 29 million Americans, including many veterans, subject to up to 10 years in prison and numerous fines.”

Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) echoed Moore’s sentiments, adding that the new rule is an attempt on the Second Amendment rights. Hunt revealed that only 6% of gun homicides were committed by AR-15s and weapons that are outfitted with a pistol brace.

“This is clearly an attempt to diminish our Second Amendment rights,” Hunt said. “Because if you just take away 6% of gun homicide, it leaves you with 94 and I can assure you that an homicidal maniac that wants to murder people will find another weapon of choice.”

Hunt, a former combat pilot and veteran, took a wrecking ball to the argument that AR-15s are weapons of war. Hunt added that a civilian-made AR-15 is not a weapon he would ever take to war.

Hunt noted that while the county has a mass shooting problem, the real blame lies with the “homicidal maniacs” who commit the heinous acts.

“There are over 400 million guns currently in circulation. Hunt continued. “The overwhelming majority of the people that own these weapons are law-abiding citizens like myself. I refuse to allow the erosion of our Second Amendment rights to further disarm our population, making us less safe as a further push toward communism because that’s what happens.”

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