Rep. Jordan Say IRS Agent Entered Constituent’s Home Under False Name

Daily Report June 19,2023

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has accused an IRS agent of entering the home of one of his constituents under a false name.

Jordan, who is House Judiciary Committee Chairman, made the revelation in a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel. The Ohio lawmaker revealed that the agent entered the taxpayer’s home and then threatened the homeowner after she objected to his tactics.

“We have recently received allegations that an Internal Revenue Service agent provided a false name to an Ohio taxpayer as part of a deception to gain entry into the taxpayer’s home to confront her about delinquent tax filings,” Jordan wrote in the letter. “When the taxpayer rightfully objected to the agent’s tactics, the IRS agent insisted that he ‘can . . . go into anyone’s house at any time’ as an IRS agent. These allegations raise serious concerns about the IRS’s commitment to fundamental civil liberties.”

Jordan revealed that the agent, who identified himself as “Bill Haus,” with the IRS’s Criminal Division, visited the taxpayer’s home in Marion, Ohio, in April. Haus told the taxpayer that he was there because of a property for which she was the fiduciary.

“After Agent ‘Haus’ shared details about the estate only the IRS would know, the taxpayer let him in,” Jordan wrote. “Agent ‘Haus’ told the taxpayer that she did not properly complete the filings for the estate and that she owed the IRS a substantial amount.”

During the visit, the taxpayer told Haus that the estate had been resolved in January and that she had no prior notice from the IRS of an outstanding balance on the estate. Haus then told the taxpayer that the real reason for his visit was that she had several delinquent tax return filings.

The taxpayer got suspicious and called her attorney, who asked Haus to leave the home.

According to Jordan, Haus responded aggressively while insisting that his office allows him to “go into anyone’s house at any time.”

The taxpayer contacted the police, fearing that Haus might have been a scammer. Marion police ran Haus’ plate and called the agent, who confirmed that he was an IRS agent. Haus also admitted that the name “Haus” was indeed an alias.

Believing Haus to be a scammer, an officer instructed him to stay away from the taxpayer. Haus, however, filed a complaint with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration against the officer.

Haus’ supervisor informed the taxpayer on May 4 that she owed nothing on the estate and that the situation shouldn’t have gotten that far.

Rep. Jordan described the agent’s conduct as “concerning.” The GOP lawyer now demands that the IRS send all documents and communications between the agency and any federal executive branch concerning Haus’ visit.

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