Rep. Jim Banks Warns Anti-America First Republicans

Daily Report September 24,2023

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) on Saturday said Republicans who are in favor of sending millions to Ukraine while failing to address domestic issues will not be successful in their 2024 race.

Banks made the comment on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday, adding that voters are growing wise and “sniffing out politicians more than ever.

“They’ve (voters)grown wise and skeptical enough to understand that if you’re voting to send tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine and you’re not focused on what’s going on in our own country, you’re not going to pass the test in 2024 if you’re a Democrat, or especially if you’re a Republican on the ballot,” Banks said. “The voters are looking for America First fighters that understand that we got to get America back on its feet. We gotta go back to the Trump policies that we know that work – to make America strong and great again, and get back to that – not be focused on what’s going on everywhere else, but be focused on what’s going on here at home.”

Banks added that many Republicans do not understand that they are in a war for the future of the country.

“They don’t get that the other side (Democrats) is trying to destroy this country, and they’re trying to wipe us all out in the process… As I became a conservative leader in the House, they’ve tried to take me on and wipe me out. That’s why Pelosi kicked me off the January 6 committee; they kicked me off of Twitter; they tried to get my name removed from the ballot because I voted to object on January 6.”

Banks, who is running to replace Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), added that his biggest frustration in Washington has been with Senate Republicans who bend to the will of the Democrats. Banks accused those Senate Republicans of negotiating with the Democrats to “destroy the country.”

The Indiana lawmaker added that he believes there is a good chance that Republicans will win back the Senate majority in 2024. He, however, maintained that Republicans must win back the Senate with an America First majority that understands what’s going on in the country is more important than what’s going on in Ukraine and other countries around the globe.”


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