Rep. Comer Accused Of Biden Style Corruption

Daily Report November 17,2023

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) got into a heated confrontation with Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) after the Florida lawmaker accused him of being involved in shady family business just like the Biden family.
The spat between both men began with Moskowitz taking a shot at the Comer-led House investigation into President Joe and Biden and his family. Moskowitz, during a General Services Administration hearing, accused Comer of giving his brother a loan just like Joe Biden claimed he did when evidence showed his brother paid him $40,000 of Chinese money.
Moskowitz made the accusation in reference to an article in The Daily Beast that characterized a $218,000 payment Comer made to his brother as a loan. Comer made the payment to his brother for farmland that his brother inherited from their brother.
“You also do business with your brother with potential loans. And so, since you have framed that and manipulated that with the American people, that Joe Biden did something wrong when he wasn’t in office, I just would like to know if you would like to use some of my time–” Moskowitz said.

Moskowitz’s comment drew a wholesome defense from Comer who pointed at the Florida lawmaker while saying only “dumb financially illiterate people” picked on the article.
“You retweeted that story, completely false,” Comer said. “I’ve never loaned my brother one penny. My father, who was a dentist, had some farmland. He died and my brother couldn’t afford, he wanted to sell it but he wanted to keep it in the family. So I bought it from my brother. That story that you tweeted also said, I had a shell company. You can come to Monroe County and look at all the land that is titled in that LLC.”
Comer accused the White House and IaN Sams, special adviser to President Biden, of spreading the false story and even trying to get CNN to write it.

“The White House tried to get CNN to write that story. Comer continued. “They went around and investigated all this bull***t that Ian Sams is trying to tell people… (Comer points at Moskowitz) that only dumb financially illiterate people pick up on… and said that it was a shell company because it was an LLC. They are so financially illiterate that you think because something says LLC, it’s a shell company. This company, which I financially disclose, has properties. It manages over a thousand acres of land for hunting purposes. It owns different properties. I am one of the largest landowners in my home area. I went to the bank and I borrowed money and I bought that land. I didn’t get wires from Romania [and] China. My family doesn’t get wires.”

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