Putin Addresses Body Double Claims Using AI Double 

Daily Report December 15,2023

Russia’s Vladimir Putin addressed accusations that he was using a body double during his year-end press conference on Thursday.

There have been several reports that Putin uses a body double to ward off any assassination attempts. The Russian leader addressed those reports using a bizarre method that almost authenticated the rumors.

Putting would usually attend the conference and take questions from members of the press or the media. However, questions to the Russian leader were directed to him through an AI representation of himself.

Putin appeared onscreen with a side-by-side image of a deepfake twin of himself. Questions go through the deepfake twin, who then relates them to the real Putin.

During the press conference, AI Putin asked real-life Putin if the rumors that he used body doubles were true. The Russian leader denied having any doubles but revealed that the thought had crossed his mind.

“You look like me; you speak using my voice,” Putin told the AI Putin. “But I’ve given it some thought and decided that there should be only one person who looks like me and uses my voice. And that person should be me.”

Putin added that the deepfake talking to him was his “first doppelganger.” The Russian leader revealed that rumors that he uses body doubles began as a joke by one of Russia’s political figures.

The AI Putin then asked the Russian leader what he thought about artificial intelligence or whether the innovation poses any danger to human existence. Real Putin responded, saying AI can’t be stopped, so humans must take charge of it.

“Nobody knows how it’s going to turn out. We can talk about restrictions and self-limitations, reach agreements between the leaders of various countries so that it won’t endanger humanity,” he added, stating he did not believe AI could ever replace human beings. He also said he believes Russia should become dominant in AI technology because of the unpredictable nature of its development.

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