Professor Says Fraudulent Means Made Prestigious University President

Daily Report December 12,2023

Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz on Monday suggested that Harvard University President Claudine Gay through a fraudulent system.

Dershowitz —while speaking to Fox News’ Larry Kudllow — said Gay became president through Dershowitz Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), a system Dershowitz maintains is fraudulent.

“It’s a fraudulent concept, a dangerous concept, but 700 of my colleagues at Harvard, professors have come out pandering to President Gay and calling for her to remain on,” Dershowitz said. “They don’t want people like you and me, who are now outsiders to have any influence on Harvard but they refuse to answer the legitimate points made by people like Bill Ackerman, they just dismiss him out of hand because he’s a rich alumni. Colleges and universities are not only the current faculty, not only the current students but they are alumni and they are the future students, they are great institutions and DEI is destroying these institutions and President Gay is a product of DEI. She championed it. That’s how she became president. She is the symbol of DEI and the symbol has failed and she must also recognize her own failure and her role in that failure.”

Dershowitz revealed that the DEI divided students along racial and religious lines and is the main cause of the widespread antisemitism witnessed on school campuses.

“[DEI] is the main cause of antisemitism today. It divides students along racial and religious lines and creates a zero-sum game. If you’re in favor of one group you’re [against] another group,” Dershowitz revealed. “It is a real problem. It is anti-intellectual, it is dishonest in many ways. Look, it uses the word diversity, but only means racial diversity. Less than 3% of the faculty at Harvard identify as conservative. They say equity, which suggests equality, but equity is the exact opposite of equality. Indeed under equity, if you dare to quote Martin Luther King’s dream of a world where children are judged not by the color of their skin, but by content of their character, you have committed a microaggression. Inclusion, Larry Summers made it clear that inclusion has excluded Jews over the years.”

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