President Biden’s May Donations Less Than HALF of Trump’s $141M

Trump vs Biden Daily Report June 21,2024

While May proved to be the second-best month of fundraising for Biden, it’s not even in the ballpark when it comes to Trump’s numbers. President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee raised $85 million for his re-election campaign last month. This is less than half of what former President Donald Trump took in.

Biden’s re-election campaign now has $212 million in the bank, up from the $192 million it previously reported at the end of April, per The New York Times, which obtained its campaign latest fundraising numbers.

“Our strong and consistent fundraising program grew by millions of people in May, a clear sign of strong and growing enthusiasm for the President and Vice President every single month,” Biden’s campaign manager shared.

“The money we continue to raise matters, and it’s helping the campaign build out an operation 

that invests in reaching and winning the voters who will decide this election,” she goes on to say. 

Bloomberg recently endorsed Biden and pledged $20 million, despite soaring unemployment in the nation and growing concerns of a recession. However, Biden has still raised significantly less than the former President Trump’s $141 million.

Nearly 150,000 donors sent checks to Trump after he was hit with the historic guilty verdict in his Manhattan hush money trial in late May. In total, these donors gave $53 million. This accounts for 37.6% of all the donations he received the entire month of May.

However, the Trump campaign has yet to report how much cash it had on hand at the end of last month, which isn’t due until July.

The RNC and Trump campaign also outraised Biden and the DNC in April, when they raised $76 million, while Democrats took in $51 million.

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