Poll Says President Trump’s Indictment Is Election Interference 

Daily Report June 19,2023

American voters had their say on President Donald Trump’s indictment, with a poll showing that most believe it is election interference.

According to a Harvard/Harris poll, 56% of respondents believe that Trump’s indictment can be categorized as interference by the Department of Justice in the 2024 elections. Only 44% of respondents see the indictment as a fair application of the law.

The poll also revealed that 55% of those who participated believe that Trump’s indictment is politically motivated (including 83% of Republicans and 55% of Independents), with 45% percent finding the unprecedented indictment valid.

Around 57% of respondents say Trump will be acquitted on all charges. Even more astonishing is that a staggering 58% of registered voters surveyed in the poll said the Justice Department has a strong case against Trump.

The poll further showed that 53% of respondents believe President Trump’s indictment was selective “selective prosecution,” with 47% of participants saying they thought the law was being applied evenly.

Sixty-five percent of voters believe President Joe mishandled classified material compared to 75% of respondents who think Hillary Clinton mishandled classified material. A further 69% of registered voters believe the former first lady obstructed justice by deleting her emails.

The new poll appeared to confirm what many, especially Republicans, have said about the political motivation behind President Trump’s indictment. A recent CBS News/YouGov survey found that 76% of likely GOP primary voters believe the indictment was politically motivated.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Fox Across America that he believed the indictment was unjust and politically motivated. Cruz added that the indictment continues a pattern of weaponizing the DOJ and FBI under President Joe Biden’s administration.

“You know, in the history of our nation, 230 years, we have never seen one administration trying to prosecute and put in jail their predecessor,” Cruz said. “This has never happened. This is something that banana republics do. It’s something that dictatorships do. It’s not something that America does.”

Cruz, who accused the DOJ of a double standard, said the Justice Department is applying rules that it is not willing to apply to Hillary and Biden to Trump.

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