Plane Spotted Flying Above Hamptons Fundraiser With “BI-DONE” Banner

Joe and Jill Biden Daily Report June 30,2024

A plane was spotted flying a “BI-DONE” banner over President Biden’s Hamptons fundraiser this past Saturday, where several high-powered Democratic funders also attended. 

Big names like Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Neil Patrick Harris also attended the Rosenstein fundraiser. Tickets ranged anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000, depending on how close you wanted to get to the current president.

Guests were said to have had an even larger star-studded invite list as well, with the likes of Howard and Beth Stern, Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch and his socialite wife Lizzie, former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci among others – sources shared. The presence of these influential individuals signaled the importance of this event for Biden’s ability to raise funds.

Much of the enthusiasm was said to have waned due to recent doubts about Biden’s performance in his first presidential debate against former President Donald Trump. 

A local editorial from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution demanded that Biden abandon a run in 2024, and expressed “retirement is now required.” Biden’s campaign was going into overdrive in an effort to “lower the temperature” after what few disputed was a catastrophic debate night, calling for and holding (a mere 12 hours later) a hasty DNC meeting on major fallout.

Trump said guests at the exclusive event were “truly angry” over his performance in Thursday’s debate that raised serious doubts about Joe Biden’s fit for presidency. During the 90-minute debate, Biden stumbled repeatedly and lost his train of thought on multiple occasions. 

He said incorrectly that his late son, who died of cancer in the US, “died in Iraq,” and he declared, “I beat Medicare.”

With the 2024 election on horizon, and that’s assuming it’s not already too late to change these problematic optics, Biden’s campaign can’t afford for him to make any mistakes. 

However, major newspapers and high-ranking Democrats have spoken out against President Biden’s capacity to take on another four years, especially considering the turmoil that the US is in.

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