Parkinson’s Specialist Seen Visiting The White House On Multiple Occasions

The White House Daily Report July 09,2024

This past Monday The White House acknowledged that a Parkinson’s specialist saw President Joe Biden for an evaluation, but said they were simply doing an annual physical.

The revelation was disclosed in a letter from Biden’s personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, hours after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to explain the flurry of recent visits from the Parkinson’s specialist, Dr. Kevin Cannard.

“Dr. Cannard was the neurological specialist that examined President Biden for each of his annual physicals,” O’Connor wrote in the letter.

“President Biden has not seen a neurologist outside of his annual physical,” O’Connor said.

Dr. Cannard is a movement disorders specialist with patients from all over the nation for complex care, but he has also practiced as an outpatient general neurologist in parallel for nearly six years.​ 

He noted that Biden’s most recent physical exam in February did not reveal any Parkinson, or other type of neurological disorder.

That letter was sent after a tense exchange earlier in the day between Jean-Pierre and reporters, where Upton Park spokesperson refused to describe what visits Dr. Cannard made.

Between July193 and March194, Dr. Cannard traveled from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to the White House residence clinic eight times for early morning visits

“Prior to the pandemic, and following its end, he has held regular Neurology Clinics at the White House Medical Clinic in support of the thousands of active-duty members assigned in support of White House operations,” the president’s physician wrote.

“Many military personnel experience neurological issues related to their service, and Dr. Cannard regularly visits the WHMU as part of this General Neurology practice.”

The physician and other White House officials, however, did not say if Cannard’s visits included consulting on Biden’s health when he didn’t see the president directly.

Biden’s mental acuity has been under nonstop examination from Republicans and Democrats alike since his lackluster debate performance last month against former President Donald Trump.

Not treating or examining Biden themselves, doctors said his performance was consistent with the slurred speech seen in Parkinson’s and other forms of cognitive decline.

University College London old age psychiatry professor Dr. Rob Howard told The Guardian that the president’s “variability in attentional function, his facial appearance and perhaps even his gait” during debate could have been suggestive of an underlying issue.

“I am not saying it’s Parkinson’s disease, I am just pointing out that there are features to him that are consistent with Parkinson’s disease,” he said.

Biden’s medical team has pushed back on those claims, arguing that since the president had his annual physical in February there is nothing to revisit.

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