Pants On Fire Raskin Still Running Cover For The Bidens 

Daily Report November 01,2023

With evidence of corruption and bribery mounting up against the Biden crime family, House Oversight Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is choosing to back the first family while turning a blind eye to their wrong-doings.

Raskin, in a letter to House Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY), claimed House Republicans have not been able to provide any evidence linking President Joe Biden to any of the Bidens’ shady foreign deals. Despite multiple witness testimony suggesting the president was involved in corrupt practices, Raskin accused Comer of distorting the truth and “going on a wild goose chase.”

“In a hopeless effort to reheat the stale leftovers of an indigestible conspiracy theory and serve them up for the GOP’s impeachment drive, you are going back to the discredited and debunked Ukraine-Burisma allegations concocted by Rudy Guiliani and his right-hand man Lev Parnas,” Raskin wrote to Commer. The sweeping overbreadth of these subpoenas makes clear their true purpose: to continue this baseless and voyeuristic fishing expedition; heckle the president with distortions and cherry picked facts, distract from Donald Trump’s four criminal indictments on 91 different felony criminal charges.”

Comer, in a response to Raskin’s letter, noted that the Democrat lawmaker is dedicated to playing the role of President Biden’s family lawyer.

It’s no surprise that Ranking Member Jamie Raskin is still dedicated to playing a Biden family defense lawyer instead of fulfilling his oversight responsibilities,” Comer responded on X. “@GOPoversight won’t be distracted by the Ranking Member’s antics.”

Raskin’s letter comes after House Republicans wrote a letter to him demanding that the Democrat lawmaker apologize for lying to the American people that the FBI did not investigate the $5 million bribery allegations against the president because the agency did not find it credible.

“In the course of this investigation, you have been a spirited critic of the need to look into President Biden or his family,” they wrote. “However, the Oversight Committee must not be used as a means to propagate false or deceptive information, and for that purpose, we must address public statements you have made that contradict facts and are, unfortunately, lies…. The Committee requests that you formally correct the record and apologize to the American people for spreading disinformation about the evidence collected by the Committee during its investigation of President Biden.”

Rankin, however, refused to apologize for his false statements and continued to plead Joe Biden’s innocence while ignoring the mountain of evidence against the president.

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