Numbers Show President Biden Catching Up To Trump In The Polls – 2% Behind

President Joe Biden Daily Report July 07,2024

A new poll shows Joe Biden has closed the gap with Donald Trump in critical battleground states to just 2%, despite his disastrous debate performance last week.

A Bloomberg News/Morning Consult tracking poll released on Saturday shows Trump, the Republican presidential nominee expected to be his party’s candidate in November, leading Democrat Biden 47% to 45% among voters in key states where he prevails.

This is the smallest gap since the polling started last October.

Biden now leads Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin, but the state where he was born has him trailing currently. Biden is also within the margin of error in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina despite trailing there by a hair.

Roughly 3-in-10 Democrats who were polled said Biden should drop out, far more than the 9% of Republicans saying that about Trump.

The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll also contradicts some national polls that showed Biden losing ground to Trump after the June 27 debate in which the president rambled through his answers and stumbled on words.

Swing-state voters thought Biden did poorly, according to the poll, with fewer than one in five saying the 81-year-old was the more coherent, mentally fit or dominant participant.

Unlike some national polls, the survey was conducted four days after Trump and Biden muddled through their debate – meaning voters had more time to decide whether this would hurt or help him.

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