Not For His Competency: Why Obama Picked Biden As VP

Daily Report October 31,2023

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling author Alex Marlow has revealed the reason former President Barack Obama picked President Joe Biden as his running mate in 2012.

Marlow, author of the New York Times bestseller Break Biden, made the revelation on the Drill Down Podcast with seven-time New York Times bestselling investigative author Peter Schweizer.

Marlow, while speaking on the show, noted that his book unveiled a number of forgotten biographical details about President Joe Biden, including the reason why Obama picked him as his vice. Marlow revealed that Obama picked Biden as VP because Joe Biden was “bad is bad with money.”

“I do think you have to get to know Joe to really understand if we ever want to beat them. We have to get to know him better than we know him, Marlo said. “One of the reasons why Barack Obama picked Joe Biden was specifically because he was poor,” Marlow continued. “[Obama] actually liked the optics of having one of the poorest guys in the Senate. And this is so crazy to me because we were just in an era recently where if someone made money and someone made it in America, we pointed to those people as the example—like, ‘Wow, that person really has what it takes. They know what they’re doing.’ Joe Biden’s family has made money and lost it so many times you lose count. And that was a virtue for Barack Obama. And then, Joe gets in and presides over the worst economic policy—I’ve two chapters on this in the book—imaginable. And it just haunts me that he was tapped specifically for being bad with money. And now we’ve got the Biden inflation. We’ve got these insane EV policies that enrich China.”

Schweizer, who co-hosted the podcast show, echoed Marlow’s sentiment, adding that Obama picked Joe Biden so he could argue that his vice president has not cashed in on his political position.

“What’s remarkable about that story, by the way, is Barack Obama says, ‘I’m going to get this guy who’s poor, who they would argue hasn’t cashed in.’ And what does Joe Biden do? ‘I’m Vice President now. Now’s the opportunity to really make bank!’ I mean, it’s shocking,” Schweizer said.


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