MTG Could Launch Another House GOP Civil War

Daily Report January 14,2024

House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) could lose his job after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) threatened to out him over his spending agreement with President Joe Biden.

Johnson and Greene’s fallout arose as a result of the speaker’s $1.66 trillion spending agreement with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). While some House Republicans have refused to back the deal, Johnson has maintained that he will stick with the agreement.

“Our top-line agreement remains. We are getting our next steps together, and we are working towards a robust appropriations process. So stay tuned for all of that,” Johnson told reporters.

Johnson’s agreement with Schumer did not sit well with Greene who made it clear that she will not support the the spending bill. Greene, while speaking with former White House adviser and former Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon on his show, War Room, revealed that she threatened to vacate Johnson’s sit.

“Well, I just have had meetings with him yesterday and today since I was on your show yesterday, Steve, um, and my meeting with him yesterday and many other members of Congress, I let Speaker Johnson know that in no way, shape and form will I support any type of CR,” Greene declared, pouring cold water on the current deal,” Greene said. “We aren’t continuing Nancy’s budget, Nancy Pelosi’s budget, and that if he moves forward with a separate deal, trading our border security, weakening H.R. Two in exchange for $60 billion to Ukraine. I told him yesterday in his office that I would vacate the chair, and that is absolutely unacceptable. And we actually have the power of the purse. We’re the ones that are in control and we need to control the negotiations. Uh, I reiterated those same points this morning. So the ball is in his court.”

House Republicans could face another civil war should Greene’s motion to vacate Johnson’s seat succeed. Electing a House Speaker has brought divisions between House GOP members since they took the majority last year. Johnson’s ascension to the speaker seat was fraught with in-fighting and multiple ballots. His Predecessor, former Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), was also elected after several failed attempts. McCarthy was ousted as speaker less than nine months after he assumed office.

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