Mother Murdered by Illegal Immigrant – Family OUTRAGED

Migrants Daily Report June 20,2024

The mother of Rachel Morin, who was murdered by an illegal immigrant, called out Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Tuesday for calling the woman he is responsible for murdering “an individual” during a recent interview.

Morin tells Fox News, “This is purely political because they can’t even acknowledge that she was a mother, a daughter. [It ]just depersonalizes her and makes her an object.” She also stated that no one from the Biden administration has reached out to her family since the arrest of her daughter’s alleged killer.

Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, 23, an accused Salvadoran gang member who had been behind bars for a burglary charge, was busted last Friday in the murder of the 37-year-old mother of five on a Harford County, Md., hiking trail back in August.

The news of Rachel’s death and the arrest of Martinez-Hernandez have re-kindled an outrage over waves of migrants flowing into the southern border.

During an appearance on CNN on Tuesday, Mayorkas was pressed by Kayleigh McEnany over Rachel’s murder and criticized for policies the administration has implemented around migrants. In his response to discussing the recent violent attacks, he called Morin “the individual.”

Morin’s family were infuriated by his response.

The Morin family attorney, Randolph Rice, said this on the issue “You’re just so disconnected from what’s going on at the southern border and how it’s affecting Americans.”

Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, 23, is accused of slaying the 37-year-old mother of five while hiking last August. He had been previously sought for murder in El Salvador and a vicious home invasion attack on a mother and young daughter in Los Angeles.

Officials said he came into the country illegally from Mexico in 2023. With her death, he will be charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape.

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