Moment Noa Argamani Regains Freedom

Daily Report June 17,2024

Dramatic footage capturing the rescue operation of Noa Argamani, a 26-year-old woman held hostage by Hamas in Gaza for 245 days, was released last week.

The heart-stopping footage showed the moment the Israeli Defense Force official stormed the building where she was being held and rescued her.

“Everything is alright. We’re taking you home,” a member of the troops said.

In the footage, Noa was seen guided by her rescuers to a waiting vehicle before being taken out of Gaza in a military helicopter. She was finally taken to a hospital in Ramat Gan, Israel, where she received medical attention.

After her rescue, Noa was reunited with her father and they enjoyed a joyful moment together. She also received heartfelt phone calls from Israel President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, welcoming her home.

Noa revealed details of her terrifying experience, describing how a wealthy family held her under armed guard. She also revealed how she was denied basic hygiene facilities and kept in darkness.

Hamas militants kidnapped Noa on Oct.7, 2022, and held her captive in the Gaza Strip. Noa’s abduction made headlines worldwide. Shocking footage captured Noa being dragged away on a motorcycle by Hamas militants as she desperately pleaded, “Don’t kill me.”

The shocking footage also captured her boyfriend Avinatan, who was taken with her. Her boyfriend is still believed to be held captive.

The operation, which took place in two separate locations around 11 am, involved Israeli troops moving through a compound. The troops came under fire as they entered the compound believed to be a house in Gaza.

“While under fire inside the buildings, under fire on the way out from Gaza, our forces rescued our hostages,” Israel army spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said in a televised statement.

After Noa’s abduction, a video surfaced on social media showing her sitting on a couch in a Gaza home drinking water from a bottle. In January, Hamas released a video of Noa appealing to Netanyahu to stop the war and bring them home.

The Hostages Families Forum Headquarters, a volunteer organization advocating for the return of hostages, tagged Noa’s rescue and the three hostages a “miraculous triumph.” They urged the Israeli government to continue working towards bringing home the remaining hostages held by Hamas.

Israel reports that over 130 hostages are still being held, with approximately 25% believed to have tragically lost their lives.

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