Matt Gaetz Threatens Biden Impeachment Vote, Vows McCarthy Ouster 

Daily Report September 07,2023

On Tuesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) revealed that GOP lawmakers could force a vote on Impeaching President Joe Biden this September.

The Republican lawmaker, who expressed his frustration at the slow pace of GOP-led efforts to impeach Biden, told conservative radio host Todd Starnes that he has spoken to several people who think lawmakers are not doing enough to “defeat the worst elements of this Biden administration.”

“I have traveled the country and spoken to so many Americans. They’re disillusioned with House Republicans right now. They think that we have not put up a substantial battle to defeat the worst elements of this Biden administration,” Gaetz said. “I worked very hard in January to develop a toolkit for us to be able to reorient the House of Representatives in a productive and positive way. I don’t believe we’ve used those tools as effectively as we should have.”

Gaetz also threatened to remove House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from office if he gets in the way of any potential Biden impeachment vote.

“When we get back to Washington in the coming weeks, we have got to seize the initiative,” Gaetz argued. “That means forcing votes on impeachment. And if Kevin McCarthy stands in our way, he may not have the job long. So let’s hope that he works with us, not against us, but we’ve got contingency plans in the event that he’s not as productive.”

Gaetz’s threat to oust McCarthy might not be necessary as the House speaker has also signified that he would support an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The California lawmaker revealed last week that Congress could launch an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden in September.

McCarthy Fox News that Congress could open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden if the president’s administration continues to obstruct Congressional investigations into the Bidens.

“If the Biden administration continues to fight to withhold information that could really clear all this up. Did they take bribes? Did they deal in the business? If they hold that up, we would have to move to an impeachment inquiry, which you know, Larry, gives the apex of power to Congress when it comes to our subpoena power and others to get the documents we need,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy, however, noted that Congress will only move forward with President Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry after a formal House vote.

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