Mark Levin Suggests Trump Lawyers Ask SCOTUS To Halt Prosecutions

Daily Report August 04,2023

Popular conservative radio host Mark Levin urged former President Donald Trump’s defense team to file an emergency request with the Supreme Court to stop the series of prosecutions facing their client.

“I want to publicly encourage the Trump legal team to seek an emergency hearing before the United States Supreme Court, not to resolve legal disputes, but to at least temporarily halt the abomination of this legal warfare that is unfolding in front of us, where Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans are unashamedly celebrating the use of the courts by the Biden administration and Democrat district attorneys to further their political wishes as the rest of the nation watches in shock,” Levin said Thursday on the Mark Levin Show. “This unprecedented legal warfare requires an unprecedented response by the only constitutional body left that can do something about it.”

Levin argued that SCOTUS’ interference would not be political but would instead be protecting the defending the constitution.

“This is serious to the survivability of this Republic,” Levin said. “This is one political party trying to destroy another. This is one political party trying to monopolize elections, federal law enforcement, and the entire justice system. And if they get away with it, it’s over.”

Levin accused Special Counsel Jack Smith of using Trump’s indictment “as political weapons” to hurt the former president’s reelection chances. Levin argued that the Indictments were designed to divert Trump’s time and money from campaigning to defending himself.

Levin also accused the DOJ and prosecutors in New York and Georgia of using the legal process to hurt Trump’s campaign.

“It is the process that’s the killer here, and they know it. And they’re playing the process by unloading all these indictments, by taking Trump off the campaign trail, by depleting his resources, by influencing [voters],” Levin said.

Trump was arraigned at Elijah Barret Prettyman Federal Courthouse on Thursday, where the former president pleaded not guilty to four charges from Smith’s latest indictment. The charges include Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, Obstruction of an Attempt to Obstruct an Official Proceeding Defraud the United States and Conspiracy Against Rights.

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