Daily Report July 02,2024

In the hours following the blockbuster Supreme Court opinion that former presidents have broad immunity when it comes to their official acts while in office, ex-President Trump lauded a long awaited ruling by the high court.

In a social media post, Trump said the ruling was “BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN AND WISE,” and it likely struck a major blow to New York authorities continuing with their highly publicized prosecution of Trump on charges that he planned to subvert his 2020 election loss to President Biden.


The conservative-dominated court, which has three justices nominated by ex-President Donald Trump, acted Monday less than a month after it heard oral argument in the case pitting Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. against Trump.

Trump called it a “big win for our Constitution and for democracy” during an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Brooke Singman.

However, Joe Biden’s principal deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks comments on the decision in a conference call with reporters, saying: “This decision will give Donald Trump cover to do exactly what he’s been saying he wants to do for months, which is enact revenge and retribution against his political enemies.”

“This is a pivotal moment for our country. The conservative justices on the court, three of whom are only there because of Donald Trump, just made it easier for him to pursue a path to a dictatorship,” Fulks argued.

Whether the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity will reshape the dynamic of a Biden-Trump rematch is one of the heavy questions hanging over both campaigns with under five months before November.

President Biden has accused Trump of being a danger to democracy, which is one the main constituents in his bid for reelection as he seeks another term. And Biden drove the point home in an address Monday night.

“The American people must decide if Trump’s embrace of violence to preserve his power is acceptable. Perhaps most importantly, the American people must decide if they want to entrust the presidency to Donald Trump once again. Now knowing, he’ll be even more emboldened to do whatever he pleases, whenever he wants to do it,” the president emphasized.

Maria Cardona, a longtime Democratic strategist and veteran of several presidential campaigns, said the “ruling is a shot in the arm to voters who care about our democracy, our Constitution, and the rule of law. It is a shot in the arm for them to work their butts off to elect President Biden because the Supreme Court ruling was a victory for one person, Donald Trump, and it was a huge loss for the country, and our democracy.”

Another multiple presidential campaign veteran, Democratic strategist Joe Caiazzo, noted that voters would certainly be reminded of this ruling when they enter the ballot box in the fall.

Meanwhile, Republican consultant Ryan Williams highlighted that the ruling “makes it less likely Trump will be in courtrooms before the election. That’s a win for Trump.”

“The general consensus was that the more serious charges were in the federal cases and by moving them to after the election, they are removed as a distraction during the campaign,” Ryan added. “Trump can now continue to campaign and focus on the election rather than preparing for trial prior to Election Day. That’s a win for him.”

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