MAJOR Calls For Biden To Step Aside From Newspapers and Recent Polling

President Biden Old Daily Report June 30,2024

In the first presidential debate with Trump, President Biden struck poorly and obtained a label from another equally significant newspaper that now states he should resign.

The former husband of Jill Biden also roasted the first lady for appearing to encourage her husband to continue in the race despite his debate arena debacle.

But a new poll showed that Trump bested Biden on the most important quality in terms of winning voters over during the debate — appearing more “presidential.”

“The unfortunate truth is that Biden should withdraw from the race, for the good of the nation he has served so admirably for half a century,” the AJC Editorial Board wrote.

The head of Georgia’s largest newspaper called Biden “excruciating” after Thursday’s debate with former President Donald Trump and said the sitting president “made no case for a second term nor did he present any record of achievement from his first four years in office.

Now the board said it has seen early-stage development of clear and prominent signs that the president is in decline.

The AJC lamented the precedent set by George Washington, who bowed out after two terms at age 64: “Every day the increasing weight of years admonishes me more and more that the shade of retirement is as necessary to me as it will be welcome,” Washington wrote.

“The shade of retirement is now necessary for President Biden,” says the AJC Editorial Board.

While it conceded that this would “require a massive and unprecedented string of legal and regulatory actions,” the left-leaning newspaper highlighted that the Democrats have no shortage of possible replacements.

There is a sense of urgency here as the AJC has no belief that an octogenarian can defeat Trump in November.

“If he displays the courage and dignity that have defined his political career, he might follow in the footsteps of the nation’s first president and welcome his retirement, secure in the knowledge that he again served his country with honor.”

The AJC abandoning Biden, in turn, comes just one day after the New York Times also cast doubt on the current President.

The liberal editorial board declared that 81-year-old Biden had been an “admirable president”  yet the liberal editorial board concluded the incumbent appeared on the debate stage as “the shadow of a great public servant” and would be engaging in a “reckless gamble” by continuing his candidacy.

“Biden can’t survive this,” the board wrote less than two hours after the debate concluded.


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