LGBTQ Activists Claim No U-Turn Sign Homophobic

LGBTQ Activists Daily Report June 18,2024

Activists in a Los Angeles, California neighborhood successfully had the city council remove all “No U-Turn” signs based on anti-LGBTQ claims. 

In response to the request, City Councillor Hugo Soto-Martinez said, “‘No U-Turn’ Signs were installed with ‘No Cruising’ signs in Silver Lake in 1997 to target and persecute the LGBTQ+ community. This type of homophobia persisted in Silver Lake 30 years after the Black Cat protests, and the physical remnants of that bigotry remained on our streets until yesterday, when we joined @nithyavraman to finally take the signs down!”

Footage of officials removing “No U-Turn” Signs

Along with this win from the city council, the California Senate just approved banning all schools if they notify parents if their children change pronouns without the child’s consent. Similar patterns led by LGBTQ activists have been happening in other states.

Amidst removing No U-Turn signs in California, three Spokane, Washington teens could face jail for leaving scuff marks on a Pride Month crosswalk. The three teenagers were arrested and booked on first-degree malicious mischief earlier this month for using Lime e-scooters to create black scuff marks on the Pride flag crosswalk at Howard Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard. The offense carries a maximum of five years in prison.

Similarly, earlier this month, an Oregon juvenile was arrested for firing a BB gun at a window of the Newberg Public Library that had a Pride flag displayed directly behind it. 

Both incidents, those led by LGBTQ activists and disagreers, have been increasing this June.

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