Legal Analysts Say Biden’s Connection To Hunter Corruption Impeachable

Daily Report December 18,2023

With the House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden in full swing, one legal analyst says there is enough evidence to impeach the president.

Joe Biden has continued to deny any involvement in his family’s influence-peddling scheme. Many of his supporters have also claimed that there is no evidence of wrongdoing against the president.

Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley on Sunday maintained that there is plenty of evidence linking the president to his, Hunter Biden’s, corruption. Turley, in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” said the president’s link to his son’s corruption is impeachable.

“It’s simply not true. I mean, there’s been an enormous amount of evidence put together by the House committees – millions of dollars that have gone through a labyrinth of different accounts and shell companies to Biden family members,” Turley stated. “There are Biden associates, who said that what the president has said publicly is nonsense, that he did know about this influence peddling. And most people agree that this is influence peddling. This is corruption.”

The president’s supporters have argued that there is no evidence that Joe Biden benefited financially from his family’s corrupt financial practices and influence peddling. Turley, while addressing the argument, revealed that there is no necessity to show that money had directly gone to Biden for him to be impeached.

“I have to correct one notion that is being bantered about and that is that you have to really show that money went directly to the president,” Turley said. “That’s not the standard that in federal cases involving bribery and other crimes, giving money to a principal’s family members is in fact a benefit under federal law. Otherwise, everyone would just give money to family members and say it’s not a bribe, it’s not impeachable. And by the way, it is impeachable. I was lead counsel in the last traditional impeachment trial, my client was impeached because benefits were given to a judge’s family member. So many of these congressmen repeating this argument voted on that impeachment and said, it is impeachable.”

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