Lawmaker Spars With Liberal Host

Daily Report February 01,2024

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) got into a heated spat with CNN host Jake Tapper over the ongoing Senate negotiations to secure the border.

According to Daily Caller, negotiations on a new bill to solve the border crisis are ongoing at the Senate. The bill, if passed, will trigger a mandatory shutdown if more than 5,000 migrants are apprehended at the border.

The bill will see the border shut down for another two weeks until the average encounters drop to 3,750. Any migrant coming through the border after the 500 limit is reached would be immediately removed and not be processed for asylum.

While President Joe Biden maintains that the bill will help him shut down the border and solve the crisis, House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) said the bill is dead on arrival in the House.

Tapper, while interviewing Lawler and Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-NY), NOTED that the speaker needed to see the bill before deciding not to back it.

“Yeah, but the Speaker said ‘no’ before – you just said you haven’t seen the legislation; the speaker’s describing it and saying it’s dead on arrival,” Tapper said.

Lawler hit back, noting that Tapper has also not seen the bill but wants Republicans to support it,

“Well with all due respect, you haven’t seen the bill and interestingly over the last few weeks the media’s been trying to pressure everyone to agree to a deal that hasn’t actually been produced. Why don’t we see what the final bill is and then let’s see if they pass it and then we negotiate.”

Moskowitz joined the discussion, accusing former President Donald Trump of pressuring Johnson to say no to the bill.

“Yeah, and Jake, by the way, the Speaker said ‘no’ because Donald Trump said ‘no.’ The speaker is Donald Trump’s ‘no’ boy, ok, on this subject,” Moskowitz jumped in.

Moskowitz, however, admitted that Democrats are late to address the border crisis even though Republicans have been highlighting the problem for months.

“Look, I’ll give Republicans credit for a second. They have been highlighting the border for a long time. And we were late – we were late to start addressing it”, Moskowitz added.

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