Latino Voters Firmly Against Biden’s Lax Immigration Policies

Trump vs Biden Daily Report June 24,2024

In battleground states, former President Donald Trump and the GOP again top Biden and the Democrats on trust with 41% to 38% on immigration. At least that’s what new polling shows.

This result isn’t exactly startling. Even in deep-blue New York, an 83-percent majority of all voters believe the amount of migrant spillover coming (or not really coming) over from Latin America is “either a…serious or somewhat serious problem.” And 91% of Latino voters agree with that concern.

Latino voters, like white, black and Asian American voters all want good jobs, safe neighborhoods and a sane border policy. The universal desire cuts against the narrative that Latino voters would all uniformly approve of open-border policies.

The stance of President Biden on immigration has been obvious since he came into the presidency, adopting measures that have provoked the border crisis his opponents claim. Most of these decisions have had major political fallout.

Biden seems to be very aware of the electoral ramifications. One of his latest attempts to create a massive “crackdown,” has reaped no results. Rather than supporting a more stringent approach to controlling the borders, Biden has instead doubled down on promises of large scale new amnesties, echoing the demands of the most progressive elements of his party.

The irony is palpable: Biden’s approach to the Latino vote-as if he can achieve it by simply conducting his administration in a center-left manner on the question of immigration-is turning off higher than just Latinos but now has started to wear out the balance of the electorate.

At the same time, Trump, a bogeyman in liberal racial politics if ever there was one, seems to be reaping gains from this dynamic.

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