Judge Jeanine Pirro  Reveals President Joe Biden’s Top Crime

Daily Report June 15,2023

Amid the corruption and bribery allegation surrounding President Joe Biden, Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro has revealed the biggest crime she thinks the president has committed.

Pirro made the revelation while discussing her new book with host Alex Marlow on the Breitbart News Daily podcast on Thursday. During the show, Marlow asked Pirro what crime she would indict Biden for if she could “wave a magic wand” and prosecute the president.

“To me, the main problem, the main issue, is the breach of sovereignty,” Pirro responded. “We are no longer a sovereign nation. We are literally a global landing spot with benefits. We don’t even know who they are and we give them education and housing.”

Pirro suggested that President Biden’s open border policies have caused the country to lose its sovereignty, with many Americans now struggling. She added that many Americans are struggling to pay their taxes and survive at a time when the country has a huge burden on its social safety net.

Piroro agrees that while President Biden’s alleged financial crime and bribery allegations are a problem for the countries, his real crime that would cause everlasting damage is the breach of sovereignty.

“That breach of sovereignty and the Biden administration aiding and abetting that breach of sovereignty and the danger to Americans is a real problem, and I think it’s the greatest problem,” she added.

Pirro, who is also a co-host on Fox News The Five, previously labeled President Biden and his family a “criminal enterprise” over their foreign business deal.

“Joe Biden is wrapping himself in the flag of the United States and all the power and prestige that goes with that and he’s going into these countries, having been designated a point man on energy, which is where all the money is… and in Ukraine where all the corruption is,” Pirro said. “He (Biden) says, ‘You know, I’m fighting corruption and if you don’t get rid of the prosecutor on the company where my son is making, (you know,

tens of thousands of dollars a month, sometimes 50, some say 80,) you’re not going to get a billion dollars of money.”

Pirro also accused Hunter Biden of being a “bag man” while the president served as the “front man.”


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