Jonathan Turley Questions Georgia DA’s Try To Prosecute Trump

Daily Report August 17,2023

George Washington University law professor and constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley raised his concerns on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ mad rush to bring the case against former President Trump trial.

A Georgia grand jury indicted President Trump and 18 other defendants following Willis’ 2-year investigation into the former president’s alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election result in Georgia. Willis revealed on Wednesday that she would like to begin the trial on March 4, one day before Super Tuesday.

Turley told Fox News channels that Willis’ expedited trial will “clearly run into problems.” Turley maintained that the DA’s schedule is ‘grossly Unfair’ to the former president.

“She’s going to do it in this rather short period of time now. Now, the defense has to go through what are effectively three grand juries. Three years of investigations. There’s 19 defendants that may have conflicts. There’s going to be a flurry of motions. There is going to be constitutional questions raised,” Turley said. “The question is: Why this mad rush? Why is everyone not just piling on indictments but jamming together these trials, daisy-chaining them from Super Tuesday to virtually the inauguration, if you count the civil cases as well?” Turley asked. “At some point, judges are going to have to step in and be a mature voice and say, ‘look, okay, stop it, this guy has got to prepare a defense in multiple cases.’”

Turley added some of Willis’ evidence against the former president may have “tripped the wire” that could see the case moved to federal court. Turley revealed that Trump could argue that some of the actions he’s being charged for occurred while he was in his capacity as the president.

“She threw everything against the canvas and looked to see if a picture emerged, said this is all one big conspiracy, every tweet, every speech that we cite. Well, by doing that she also tripped wires with regard to his time as president, and that has created this question of whether it could be removed,” Turley added.


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