Jim Irsay Found Unresponsive And Blue From Suspected Overdose

Daily Report January 17,2024

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was found cold and unresponsive in his bed after a suspected overdose last month, according to reports. Police officials labeled the incident as an overdose and overdose/poisoning.

The Colts announced last week that he is receiving care for a severe respiratory illness after he was forced to withdraw from the latest leg of his band’s world tour in Los Angeles.

“He is receiving excellent care and looks forward to returning to the stage as soon as possible,” a team statement read.

Indiana police were reportedly called to Irsay’s home at around 4:30 am on December 8, after someone had found him lying unconscious with a blue skin tone, gasping for air.

At the time the police arrived, Irsay was moved to his bed, where he was still struggling to breathe with a weak pulse and constricted pupils. According to police documents obtained, an attempt to wake him with a sternum rub, which applies pressure to the central area of the chest, was unsuccessful.

However, he responded slightly after administering one dosage of Narcan, a drug commonly used to revive people in opiate overdose situations. At the time the police were ready to attach a defibrillator to him, paramedics arrived and took over the process before he was transported to hospital via ambulance. Irsay’s caretaker provided officers with the medication he was currently taking.

“At this time, it is unknown what Mr. Irsay had ingested before our arrival,” the police report says.

An ESPN Colts reporter, Stephen Holder, noted that Irsay had not been seen in public for several weeks. According to reports, Irsay recently revealed in an interview with Andrea Kremer that he has been to rehab fifteen times and nearly died of an overdose at one point.

“One time, I was trying to detox myself, and I mixed multiple drugs that I didn’t know anything about. “So all of a sudden, I start slurring my words. And then code blue, I stop breathing. He said. The doctor goes, “Um, Jim, you’re one lucky man because I had signed virtually the death certificate.”

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