Hunter’s Close Associates Says Biden Was Involved In Family Business

Daily Report August 06,2023

Devon Archer, one of Hunter Biden’s close business associates, dished out more dirt on President Joe Biden on Friday when he revealed that the president was involved in his family’s shady foreign business transaction.

Archer made the revelation in an exclusive interview with former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson. During the interview, Archer told Carlson that Joe Biden —President Obama’s vice president at the time— was aware that his son was on the board of Burisma’s executive.

“Joe Biden had no role whatsoever in his son’s business or knowledge of it, right? That seems false,” Tucker stated to Archer.

Archer responded to Carlson’s statements saying it’s “categorically false” to say Joe Biden had no role in his foreign businesses.

“I think he was aware of Hunter’s business,” Archer said. “He met with Hunter’s business partners. I mean, you found a letter that he wrote to me,” Archer said.

Archer confirmed that then-vice President Joe Biden was the “driving force” behind former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin’s firing.

“Yeah, he was involved in that (Shokin’s firing),” Archer said.

Shokin was Ukraine’s top prosecutor (Ukraine’s equivalent of the U.S. attorney general) and was investigating Burisma for corruption at the time. Shokin was, however, fired after Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor. Hunter and Archer were on the board of Burisma’s executive at the time.

On Monday, Archer testified before Congress that Burisma cofounder Mykola Zlochevsky and Burisma executive Vadym Pozharski had pressured Hunter Biden in 2015 to get help from Washington, D.C., regarding Shokin. According to Archer’s testimony, the “Biden brand” kept Burisma from going out of business.

“I think Burisma would have gone out of business if it didn’t have the brand attached to it,” Archer said. “That’s my, like, only honest opinion.”

During the interview with Carlson, Archer suggested that the Biden brand was powerful due to Joe Biden’s position as the vice president.

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