Hunter Indictment- Glaring Omission Could Have Made Trump President 

Daily Report December 12,2023

Fox News legal analyst and George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley exposed the Justice Department’s double standards after it made a glaring omission in Hunter Biden’s indictment.

The DOJ indicted Hunter Biden on nine charges stemming from his failures to pay taxes. Turley told Fox News that the indictment did not mention President Joe Biden’s involvement even though the first son would not have gotten all the foreign money he got without his father.

“Throughout this, there’s one person who is, just seems to be completely omitted, and that is Joe Biden,” Turley said. It’s like arresting a bank robber for speeding away from the crime scene without mentioning why he was speeding. And you know, all these details are how Hunter Biden got all of this money from all of these foreign sources, from Ukraine, Romania, China. But there is nary a mention of the president himself.”

Turley also revealed that the Justice Department showed double standards when it omitted Hunter’s obvious violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

“There’s also no mention of [the Foreign Agents Registration Act] FARA, you know, the Department of Justice has given out FARA charges to people like Paul Manafort in rather short order,” Turley added. “They were not in any way reluctant to bring those charges that you are an unregistered foreign agent. This complaint screams of being an unregistered foreign agent, but that is also not mentioned.”

Whistleblowers have accused prosecutors from the Justice Department of allowing the Statutes of Limitation on some of Hunter’s tax crimes to elapse. Turley maintains that the indictment did not provide answers as to why those indictments were allowed to elapse.

“But finally, it’s also not mentioned, of course, that they allowed some of these crimes to expire,” Turley added. “There is still no explanation why the special counsel decided, when he didn’t have to, let the early felonies expire and all of those questions are left unanswered.”

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