Hunter Biden’s Defense Team Requests MISTRIAL Citing a Foolish Silly Legal Mistake

Hunter Biden Daily Report June 25,2024

On Monday, Hunter Biden’s defense team asked for a mistrial in his gun case this year after the guilty verdict was returned against him on Friday, arguing the judge did not have jurisdiction because of an obscure legal quirk.

The move comes a week after attorneys for the president’s son filed and then quickly withdrew the same motion, in the days following his conviction for possessing a firearm while being an unlawful user of drugs.

Biden, 54, is also challenging the June 17 conviction in his latest filing. He claims Delaware federal Judge Maryellen Noreika didn’t have jurisdiction to oversee the trial because of his pending appeals case.

A three-judge panel from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected two Hunter appeals earlier this year, saying it could not rule until a verdict is rendered in the case.

But Biden’s lawyers contend the appellate court has not issued a ruling on his effort to have all judges hear his appeals. That delay has kept the Third Circuit from writing a mandate to no longer hold onto the case, effectively sending it back to Judge Noreika.

“Here, no mandate was issued during the trial or even now, and the Special Counsel did not move the Third Circuit for an expedited mandate after it ruled,” Hunter’s lawyers wrote in a filing from Monday. “Consequently, the conviction must be vacated.”

Prosecutors allege that while his addiction was at its height, the first son was not eligible for a gun because he lied on a US Firearms Transaction Record further known as ATF Form 4473 to purchase the revolver in Wilmington, Delaware on October 12, 2018. He answered “No” to a question that asks: “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance?” This comes as Biden’s laptop was turned over earlier this year which housed the incriminating evidence.

The president’s son could receive up to 25 years in prison as is called for under federal sentencing guidelines. However, it is unlikely he will face that severe of a sentence.

Biden, who is also set to go on trial in September in a Los Angeles federal court for allegedly dodging $1.4 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019, has long blasted the probe as a political vendetta against him and his family.

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