Hunter Biden Move May Get Democrat Rep In Trouble

Daily Report December 20,2023

Hunter Biden may have landed a Democrat lawmaker in trouble following the first son’s defiance of a Congressional subpoena.

Hunter on Wednesday defied a congressional subpoena after the House Oversight Committee ordered the first son to appear before lawmakers in a secret deposition. Hunter showed up at the Capitol and gave a press conference where he stated that he would only testify before the committee at a public hearing.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) later confirmed to Politico that he facilitated Hunter’s press conference.

Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley on Tuesday said that the lawmaker could be in trouble for helping the first son defy a congressional subpoena.

Turley made the remarks Fox News host John Roberts suggested that Swalwell could be in a potential problem.

“Yeah, I don’t think that this would constitute a crime but it certainly raises serious questions under the House rules. I’ve never seen anything quite like that. You know, there are plenty of members that associate with unpopular causes,” Turley said.

Turley added that the lawmaker could be kicked off House committees for his role in Hunter’s crime.

“What’s different here is that Swalwell reserved congressional space, that is congressional space through his office, presumably using his staff, to defy the subpoena, a valid subpoena of the House.” Turley added. “This is a former impeachment manager for the House. So the question is what does the House do about that? They have a lot of options. From censure, to looking at whether he should be allowed to continue on committees. He’s already been thrown off one committee or barred from being a member of the intelligence committee. But the key here is really that we need to know to what extent did he not only facilitate but encouraged what could be a federal crime? And in my view, it was federal criminal contempt what Hunter did on that day.”

Swalwell has already been kicked off the House Intelligence Committee after having an intimate relationship with Chinese spy Fang Fang. Details of the affairs remain classified to date.

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