Hawley: Left Gender Ideology On Children Latest Attack On Nuclear Family

Daily Report July 24,2023

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said he believes the left’s latest push to force Gender Ideology on children is their latest attack on the nuclear family in the U.S.

Hawley made the admission during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in West Palm Beach, Florida. The lawmaker maintained that the left does not like the idea of a nuclear family.

“They don’t like the nuclear family,” Hawley said last Sunday at the 2023 Turning Point Action Conference. “The left has waged a continuous war on the nuclear family, whether its jobs for American men to provide for their families, whether it’s the parent’s right over education, whether it’s faith, they have continuously assaulted the family.”

Hawley added that the left wants more power to get parents out of the way and indoctrinate children with gender ideology.

“Power. It’s also indoctrination — ideological indoctrination. If you get the parents sidelined, then they can fill the kids’ heads with the nonsense they want,” Hawley said. “They can, again, break down those centers of resistance.

Hawley likened the left’s gender ideology to their other radical moves in the past when they pushed for sterilizing criminals.

“A century ago, all of the expert elite liberals were all in favor of sterilizing criminals, and forcing sterilization on people. That was their grand idea, and they said it was in the name of science. I think we will look back on this period and say they tried to do it again,” he said.

Hawley noted that history would not remember the left’s action favorably. He added that supporters of the left’s gender ideology will be condemned for promoting what many on the right deemed as the mistreatment of children.

“They were out there advocating for kids to be sterilized with drugs, to be sterilized with surgeries. They were out there pushing the most radical, anti-reality, anti-science, anti-family agenda in American history. And I think they will be condemned for promoting a form of child abuse,” he concluded.


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