Hanson- Socialist Pro-Palestine Protesters Don’t Believe In Democracy

Featured On Political Intel December 27,2023

Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson on Tuesday slammed pro-Palestinian protesters for their silence after Hamas refused a ceasefire plan proposed by Egypt.

Hanson, in an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” told guest host Kayleigh McEnany that the protesters don’t believe in democracy and are “hardcore socialist.”

“Well, they’re right where they always wanted to be — because they don’t believe in democracy. This isn’t the party of JFK or Bill Clinton or Hubert Humphrey even — these people are hardcore socialists and they believe in mandated equality, not liberty or freedom,” Hanson stated. “So here at home, if things don’t go their way they want to get rid of the filibuster. They want to pack the court, or they want to admit new states, or they want to take an opponent off the ballot — they don’t believe in democracy. Polls show that — the recent Daily Signal said that 50% of Democrats wanted to curb free speech. 75% of Republicans, of course, didn’t.”

Hanson criticized immigrant pro-Palestine protesters who are enjoying all of America’s freedom and are now doing everything to destroy that freedom.

“Millions of people coming in from the Middle East, from autocratic and illiberal regimes, it just makes it all the more astounding. So here, they come over to the United States, in the case of immigrants. They enjoy all of our freedoms. They do all of their, in all our power. They try to destroy that freedom by shouting down, or disrupting or defacing monuments and icons of freedom to do what? To Champion illiberal regimes abroad who are fighting the only constitutional system in the Middle East, Israel. So they don’t believe in democracy. These people believe that they’re morally superior. They want to have a mandated equality of results and they want power to enact that. And anybody that gets in their way they call a racist, a reactionary or a fascist — but they don’t want to let the people speak because they know their agenda doesn’t appeal to 51% of the people anymore,” Hanson stated. “And it’s very ironic to have all of these peoples, as I said, that come over here and flee these autocratic regimes. And what do they do when they get here? They take advantage of our freedoms and try to destroy them while they rah-rah — illiberal regimes.

Hanson, however, said he believes the American people will wake up and revolt against their socialist agenda.

“I think Americans are sort of like a sleeping dragon,” Hanson concluded. “I think they’re just looking at this every single day — deface monuments, throw paint on the Lincoln Memorial, disrupt Christmas. And at some point they’re going to wake up and say ‘no mas,’ we’re done with it.”

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