Guardian Angels Perform Citizen’s Arrest On Live Broadcast 

Daily Report February 08,2024

New York City Guardian Angels made headlines after conducting a citizen arrest live on Fox News.

According to Daily Caller, Guardian Angels, a non-profit crime organization, arrested a suspect on live broadcast. The organization’s founder, Curtis Sliwa, and his team made an appearance on the talk show “Hannity” to discuss the ongoing migrant crisis affecting residents. During the interview, Guardian Angels members could be seen walking backstage toward a man in a hooded jacket. As they circled him, the camera footage caught them pinning the guy to the ground.

When asked what happened during the incident, Sliwa claimed that the person they caught had been shoplifting.

“This boy had been shoplifting first. The guardian angels spotted him and stopped him but he resisted,” Sliwa said. “Let’s just say we gave him a little pain compliance. His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations. He is sucking concrete. The cops dragged him off the asphalt. He’s on his way to jail, but they’ll cut him loose.”

Before the incident, Sliwa had been criticizing New York Mayor Eric Adam over the high rate of illegal migrants, blaming him for allegedly destroying NYC. Sliwa, who was also the former New York City GOP mayoral candidate, also criticized Adams’ policies regarding housing illegal migrants, claiming that the migrants receive more financial support than any local veteran, homeless, or emotionally disturbed person.

“That’s why I am his number one hater. Join the Curtis Sliwa hater club of Eric Adams who has single-handedly destroyed this city by giving illegal aliens everything,” Curtis said. “He takes care of the illegal aliens and forsakes his people. Especially the African American, poor, and impoverished who elected him mayor of the city of New York over me, Curtis Sliwa.”

Adams’ administration recently announced that there would be a $53 million taxpayer-funded program for migrants housed at the Roosevelt Hotel, giving them prepaid credit cards.

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