Greg Gutfeld Says Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Now A Disease

Daily Report November 24,2023

FOX News host Greg Gutfeld said the Trump Derangement Syndrome displayed on the left has grown into a disease that no therapy dog or therapy llama can alleviate.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a widely used term for the left’s fixation and constant attacks on former President Donald Trump. Gutfeld, during Wednesday’s opening monologue of “Gutfeld,” said TDS is a disease much like alcoholism.

“By now you’ve heard the phrase Trump derangement syndrome, but maybe it’s time you graduated from syndrome to disease, because while a syndrome refers to symptoms, a disease refers to an established condition, and Trump derangement is just that,” Gutfeld began. “It’s a disease much like alcoholism, where what defines it is an incapability to process booze, and that delicious MAGA-martini is Trump. No pill can stop it. No therapy dog or therapy llama can alleviate it. Those who have it are already paranoid, but they’re also loons with annoying wives who are most susceptible.”

The Fox News host highlighted some of the left and mainstream media’s false accusations against the former president, before adding that the left is projecting itself on Trump.

“It wasn’t dictator Trump who weaponized the Department of Justice with a conga line of special prosecutors, wasn’t Trump who sic’d the FBI on parents, wasn’t Trump who raided an innocent anti-abortion protester’s home with guns drawn, wasn’t Trump that prosecuted Trump for having documents he was allowed to have. Although that trial would be hilarious,” Gutfeld added. “Wasn’t Trump who used DOJ to get Twitter and other social media to do its bidding on COVID. It wasn’t Trump who set up a select committee that buried important videos to fashion a pre-ordained verdict regarding Jan. 6.”

Gutfeld, while referencing a New York Times article, noted that the Democrat party wants to put Trump front and center of everything because it is counting on TDS on the left and mainstream media to turn public opinion against the president.

“Is it any wonder America’s Dems have decided the best way to win next year is to lean into their addiction to all things orange?,” Gutfeld concluded. “They know this country is not going to vote for the guy in the basement again. Hell, he might not even survive the stairs down to the basement. So they want their obsession to become your obsession. Forget the economy, forget crime, forget nuclear war — focus on Trump, which may not be a bad idea. The way the polls are looking, they may not have a choice.”

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