Graham Reveals What Biden Must Do To Secure More Ukraine Aid 

Daily Report January 01,2024

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday revealed that President Joe Biden will only get more funds for Ukraine support if he takes a strong position on securing the southern border.

Welker made the remark during an appearance on Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” where he maintained that the president must do more to secure the border.

“Accept the idea that we’re full. Take the tools we’re willing to give you to stop the inflow” Graham said. “Start deporting people here who should be deported then you’ll turn things around pretty quickly. To the Biden administration, accept the tools that will change things and you will get money for Ukraine.”

Graham insisted that the increased migrant inflow into the United States is not down to any crisis around the world, adding that it was caused by Joe Biden’s policy choices.

“We need policy changes that address the pull factors,” Graham said. “There’s nothing irregular going on in the world. This was created by policy choices that created new pull factors. Asylum reform, limitations on parole, re-invoking Title 42, I think would be enough to get it through the House. The policy changes have to be real. We have to start deporting people to slow down the inflow. If you see people leaving the country, people are less likely to show up at the border.”

The Republican lawmaker maintained that former President Donald Trump will deport illegal immigrants and enforce the border laws if he wins in 2024.

“So I’m urging- urging the Biden administration when Trump gets to be President, if he does, if you’re here illegally, you’re going to be deported,” Graham added. “There’s going to be mass deportation under Donald Trump of people here in violation of the law who have received a final order of deportation. They’re going to be going.”

House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) has urged President Biden to use executive action to end catch-and-release and stop migrants from exploiting parole authority. Johnson also urged the president to bring back the U.S. asylum cooperation agreements with Mexico, ramp up “expedited” removal of migrants who fail to qualify for asylum and renew construction of the Border wall.


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