Gorka Suggests Trump Could Win 2024 With Free And Fair Election

Daily Report September 10,2023

Former White House official Sebastian Gorka told Breitbart News Saturday that he believes former President Donald Trump will win the 2024 presidential race if there is a free and fair election.

“We’ve got to have fair elections. We’ve got to have legal ballots voted, not what happened in 2020. So yeah, we know who the nominee is going to be. We know who the president is going to be in 2025 on January 20 if we have fair and free elections,” Gorka said.

Gorka, who revealed that his wife has been working for the GOP knocking on doors, added that it is up to Republicans to do what is necessary to stop the left’s agenda for the upcoming election. The former White House official maintained that the recent indictments against Trump are some of the left’s plans to defeat Trump.

“We know the left is organized. We know whether it’s Arabella Associates, whether it’s half a billion dollars dropped by Mark Zuckerberg, or we know whether it’s George Soros,” Gorka added. “We need to be as organized as the left, so your question is — all of your incredible listeners, it’s not enough to just listen to a radio show. What are you doing to make 2024 happen? If you think you’re gonna get Donald Trump back by just writing a check or depositing some money, you know, donating on your credit card and then going to the polls for a couple of hours, think again. It is up to us. So don’t take anything for granted. And make sure that we mobilize everybody we know. Even the people who may be a surprise to us.”

Gorka urged Republican voters to reach out to Democrat voters and the American population to secure their support for Trump.

“Let’s reach out to the other side. You know, that neighbor, that relative, that friend of yours who has had enough with the inflation, the price of gas, the price of diesel?” Gorka concluded. “Let’s engage them because, really, you know what? It’s up to us to get President Trump back into the White House.”


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