Gingrich Says Donald Trump Will Be GOP 2024 Nominee 

Daily Report September 29,2023

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) said on Thursday that former President Donald Trump will be the 2024 GOP presidential nominee.

Gingrich made the remarks on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle” while suggesting that the Republican National Committee (RNC) should cancel all future debates.

“I was talking to our mutual friend, the pollster Matt Towery this afternoon, and Matt said to me, based on what he saw last night, this race is over,” Gingrich said. “Donald Trump will be the nominee, they might as well quit having the various debates because they don’t work, they’re not helping anybody, and I think that’s where we are. I think Trump will be the nominee and the question now for everybody is, do you want to see Joe Biden reelected, or do you want to help Donald Trump? There’s no middle ground here, I don’t think. I think the Republican National Committee should cancel the future debates and say, ‘Look, we recognize the objective fact that Trump will be the nominee. We want to work with him. In some of these races, some of these polls, Trump is like 43 points ahead of the next person, 43 points. He’s gonna be the nominee.”

Widely circulated reports suggest Virginia’s GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin is planning to join the GOP 2024 primary field. According to Daily Mail, some of Youngkin’s top donors will be gathered at a ‘Red Vest’ retreat in Virginia Beach October 17-18 with plans to throw the governor into the 2024 race.

CBS’ Bob Costa revealed Republican billionaire mega donor Thomas Peterffy —in a desperate bid to beat Trump— is calling on allies to assure Youngkin that he would have the financial backing if he decides to enter the GOP race.

However, Gingrich believes that Youngkin does not have the vote to take Trump on.

“I suspect the money is there, but the votes aren’t,” Gingrich said. “I’m a big fan of Glenn Youngkin. I think he’s doing a great job as governor. I think in 2028, he could be a very impressive, maybe even frontrunner for president, but not this time. Not this year.”

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