Fox Panel Rips RNC Chair For Republicans’ Election Lost 

Daily Report November 12,2023

A Fox News Panel blasted Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after her public spat with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy, during the last Republican debate, hit you at McDaniel for the strings of losses suffered by GOP candidates in recent elections while demanding that she resign. McDaniel hit back at Ramaswamy with claims that the GOP candidate was looking for a headline.

However, panelists on Fox Business Network sided with Ramaswamy, with former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) hammering McDaniel for not working as hard as her Democrat counterparts to win elections.

“Republicans should get tired of losing at this point,” Chaffetz said. “Because I think there’s stuff going on behind the scenes that most Republicans are oblivious to. It’s not good enough to just be right on the issues. You gotta field good candidates and get out the vote. Biden put out this executive order in March of 2021 that everybody is oblivious to. It leveraged all of federal government and all the employees to help them get out the vote for their low-propensity voters and people are oblivious to that. They use unions, they use not-for profits, they use teachers’ unions.”

Chaffetz added that while Democrats are working to win votes, the RNC is sitting around wondering why Republican candidates are not winning elections.

“They do all these things to get out the vote and then we sit around scratching our heads and saying hey, we’re right on all the issues how come we’re we losing and it’s because Republicans haven’t figured out how to get out the vote and getting people registered and play by the rules they created,” Chaffetz.

Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt claimed that McDaniels embarrassed herself for picking the fight with Ramaswamy.

“She’s really embarrassed herself and I hope she gets called on the carpet by people because when says look at my record, I’m sorry, your record is a record of failure at this point and attacking Vivek Ramaswamy for pointing out that record of failure, makes me think that she’s more worried about protecting her own job than she is doing the things that Jason’s talking about, which is going out there and making sure that we – that Republicans are able to get people to the polls and do the blocking and tackling that is required to get Democrats out of office,” Hurt said.

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