Fox News Host Reveals What Hunter Will Do With Indictment 

Daily Report December 09,2023

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow on Friday raised concerns about Hunter Biden’s indictment, adding that the charges against the first son might not be the “Christmas gift” Republicans think it is.

Kudlow, while speaking on Fox Business, added that while the indictment might not be good news for Hunter and President Joe Biden, the Bidens might try to use it to their advantage.

Hunter is set to testify before the House Oversight Committee next week. His testimony will shed light on the president’s knowledge and involvement in his family’s business deadlines.

Kudlow maintained that Hunter might use the indictment as an excuse not to answer lawmakers’ questions.

“Speaking as non-lawyer, I’m not so sure about this alleged Christmas present,” Kudlow said. “Because now Hunter is going to use this as an excuse to avoid any private deposition under oath before any of the congressional Oversight, or Judiciary or Ways and Means Committees. Or worst case, He will take the fifth if he has to go up there. What he will not be forced to do is to reveal all the details of the alleged influence peddling and bribery crimes that might just happen to come up in a discussion about his failure to register as a foreign agent. Let me italicize that foreign agent part, because the Weiss indictment didn’t include that for some reason, maybe an oversight. The whole world knows that papa Biden was involved with his son’s business.”

Kudlow suggested that Special Counsel David Weiss might have brought the indictment against Hunter Biden to prevent the first son from testifying before lawmakers.

“My nonlegal suspicion is that this whole series of events actually brings GOP oversight investigators further away from Joe Biden because Hunter’s going to be untouchable for quite some time,” Kudlow said. “And if I were really a cynic, I would say the special counsel, David Weiss – who has zero credibility – decided to put Hunter on ice for exactly this reason.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY), in a CNN interview, echoed Kudlow’s comments. The lawmaker said he believes that the indictment was a means to protect Joe Biden.

“We think this is just the tip of the iceberg,” Comer said. “We think there’s many more crimes. And my concern is that Weiss may have indicted Hunter Biden to protect him from having to be deposed in the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.”

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