Fox News Guest: Hunter Should Have Been Indicted Months Ago

Daily Report December 10,2023

Fox News contributor and Former Deputy Independent Counsel Sol Wisenberg revealed on Friday that Hunter Biden’s new indictment should have been brought months ago.

Wisenberg told Fox News Host Laura Ingraham that the indictment is devastating for Hunter who is still facing gun charges in Delaware. Wisenberg added that the indictment vindicates the whistleblowers who came forward to expose Hunter’s crime and the Justice Department’s alleged efforts to cover them up.

“It’s devastating to Hunter Biden and there’s absolutely no reason why it couldn’t have been done several months ago or a year ago,” Wisenberg said on the Ingraham Angle. “And it absolutely vindicates the whistleblowers, because this is their evidence that they got and demanded not be ignored. It vindicates them and it shows what an absolute sweetheart deal that plea that imploded was.”

Wisenberg also had high praise for Judge Maryellen Noreika who rejected Hunter’s initial sweetheart deal with the Justice Department. Wisenberg added that if it had not been for Noreika ‘s questions, Hunter would have gotten a deal that gave him blanket immunity for all his crimes, including the ones still under investigation.

“If it hadn’t been for the judge asking the right questions and for the greediness, I have to say this, the greediness of Hunter’s defense attorneys at the time, for all of this hinky language they put in there, remember, the hiding the paragraph in the diversion agreement that really was a bridge too far, a bridge too far for the judge,” Wisenberg said. “There is an old saying, pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered, and they got slaughtered because they ask for too much. It was too weird in that plea hearing.”

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